Creating a culture

Proud to be a Latina Owned Business

Puzzle Culture was created by Dawn Walsh, an avid puzzler, lover of all things geek/nerd culture, as well as a fan of subscription boxes.  Dawn felt she could combine the best of what she loved about those things into one experience.  Once she started putting together her first box she realized she had so many ideas to elevate the experience around puzzling culture.

Why Puzzle Culture?

We know puzzles can bring us together, either in real life around our tables or on social media as we share our puzzling journeys from opening the box to the satisfaction of placing the last piece.  We hope we can make the puzzling experience just a little more special by creating exciting, new puzzles from amazing artwork that we know our audience will love.  We want to bring those puzzles to life away from the puzzle pieces with the special items we curate for each box.  

We take pride in being a Latina owned and run business.  We strive to provide a gender neutral puzzle experience with both the artwork and the gifts we curate.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy our boxes.

We have so many ideas to innovate the puzzle culture and we hope you will take the ride with us.


We are working to bring you more Puzzle Culture

Our crowdfunding campaign will help fund a new Monthly Subscription box!!

Click the link below to be directed to our crowdfunding page on IFundWomen.  We have really great rewards being offered for your contribution.

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